Did you know, 7% of global CO2 emission is caused by the freight industry? It is the effect of freight vehicles consuming 5 million barrels of oil per year globally.

Now that’s something to worry about since humans are in no mood to cut down on their consumptions. However, every problem must have a solution and in this case, we do have one. 

It’s digital, electric, and automatic.

Einride, a Sweden based startup, brings forth a very unique idea through its Autonomous Electric Transport and intelligent Freight Mobility Platform. It takes into account the environment’s requirement to create a sustainable future.

Founded by Robert Falck in 2016, Einride is world’s first driverless electric freight transport to ply on a public road.

Isn’t that great? Imagine if India adopts a fully driverless freight transport system. Thousands of diesel trucks that disregard environmental norms will shut down resulting in clean air and efficient transport system. Secondly, truck drivers who undertake treacherous journeys, their skills can be utilized elsewhere. It’s a long way down the road to execute this, however, our policymakers can surely think of this in the coming years.

Furthermore, an electrified fleet means the elimination of NOx and other polluting elements that clutter cities like Mumbai or Delhi. Reducing these pollutants will not only protect the environment but also improve public health standards in a developing country like India.

Video and Data Credit – Einride

Einride’s Pod is its first all-electric, driverless vehicle with a range of 130-180 km in a single charge and a payload capacity of 16 tonnes. Einride, with its environment-first approach, sets an example for the freight industry.

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