Contrary to popular belief, a documentary doesn’t need to be a long factual piece. A two-minute film also talks a lot about a person or social issues which might get lost in a long version. While a documentary is all about narrating factual content, adding an artistic layer to it while filming delivers some incredible results.

So today we’re are going to take a look at some short films that go beyond the conventional method of documentary filmmaking. Here art and a bit of abstractness take the front seat!

1 – Speed

Set in the gloomy and dark landscape of Detroit, this short documentary is about a guy named Speed Miller. He followed a treacherous path growing up until the horses at his grandad’s farm outside of Detroit embraced him and reminded Miller of his purpose.

2 – The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca

Here’s an intriguing story of the fine art of making a Spanish guitar backed by a visually stunning narrative. It’s an episode that aims to share the dedication of a luthier in making of a beautiful stringed instrument that plucks million hearts with its melodious tune.

3 – Scanning the Horizon

Like a piercing winter breeze, they cycle through the streets of Madrid, testing their adrenaline limits. They engage in illegal and a life-threatening sport of cycling which defies all laws and human fear. This is the story of Madrid’s cycle courier guys who love to cheat death in its face!

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