Hello, I hope you had the opportunity to watch the documentaries recommended in week 1. If not, then do binge-watch them this weekend along with some new ones 😉

1. Tashi and the Monk

Set in the laps of the Himalayas, this heartwarming story of a young and notorious girl Tashi talks about human struggle and change. It’s narrated through the eyes of a Monk who is on a mission to channelize the inner fire within Tashi and share important life lessons with us along the way.

2. Nests of Gold

What is the cost of preparing ‘Bird’s Nest Soup’one of the most expensive dishes on this planet? From the procurement of its main ingredient to the creation, the documentary narrates the story of all responsible individuals and how their lives are impacted by it.

3. Soyalism

How does eating pork in China affect the life of a farmer in Brazil?

Soyalism questions the destructive industrial agriculture systems that are in place to address the heavy pork consumption in China. It sheds light on the dark side of the Soya production industry i.e harming the environment and the lives of farmers in Brazil and Mozambique.

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Cheers. Peace out!

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