What is DocuWatch?

Thanks to OTT platforms, documentaries are getting their much-deserved space in this jampacked video content arena. However, documentaries still have to hustle to be up there amongst the crème de la crème of web content since viewers are just starting to accept them. Since it might get overwhelming to search documentaries that are high on content and visuals, I thought of creating #DocuWatch to share documentaries that you can watch every week.

So let’s get going!

Week 1

  1. Fyre

An ambitious mega-music festival for the Millenials with an iconic lineup. A ‘larger than life’ experience for those with deep pockets. A promise worth millions that never saw the day. This is the story of probably the ‘greatest-fail’ of the decade and a sneak-peek into the life of an overtly ambitious entrepreneur – Billy McFarland.

Fyre – The Greatest Party That Never Happened, tells the story of an extravagant music festival that robbed people of millions. It also dwells on the problems in the mentality of a generation that is craving for an Insta-worthy lifestyle.

Available on Netflix

2. Honeyland

The enigmatic landscape of North Macedonia sets the mood for the documentary that shares a beautiful story of a woman’s harmony with nature.

Hatidze lives a self-sustained lifestyle by cultivating honey with a traditional beekeeping technique. The method allows her to collect high-quality honey that is loved by many in the local and city market. However, her mysterious symphony with the bees is disrupted by an unruly neighbour who is out there to support his overwhelming lifestyle. 

Honeyland addresses the touchpoints like sustainabilityhow much do we take from naturehow can we co-operate with one another so that everyone gets a fair share of the pie, and lastly, can we control the pleasures that are likely to create loathe within us.

Available on – MUBI

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Cheers. Peace out!

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