If you have read my previous post about three important updates regarding the blog then you will get the context of sharing something about Autism on a travel blog.

For those who haven’t, my blogs will now focus on stories that need attention. It will cover stories from places that I have never visited or missed it last time when I was busy getting Instagram likes :p.

While I was toying with the idea of making a documentary, I came across a school in Bangalore that is helping children with autism by teaching them important life skills. The school’s name is Aarambh Foundation and it aims to create and contribute towards an inclusive society for the differently wired individuals. I took this as a sign and fixed the topic!

It was a very difficult subject to handle for a maiden documentary project but with the guidance of the founders Anita Bhagwat and Anita Bhaskaran, I could sail through with minor hindrances.

Watch the documentary here –

Aarambh Foundation has just started its long journey that needs patience and acceptance from society. So if we could contribute in whatever capacity towards such actions then we are building a base for an inclusive society for those individuals who cannot comprehend the norms of our complex system.

Thanks for watching…stay tuned for some more stories!

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