“Bhai ab thoda side mein rokh dena. Yaha se ab mein chala ta hun.”

“Okay ji…yeh lo”

“Ab bas pakad ke baithne, mein apko batata hun yaha kaise chalate hai!”

Riding at a speed of 90 KMPH, in the uncertain terrain of the Spiti Valley, I was relying solely on Ringzhin’s faith. This son-of-the-soil is always tempted to ride the RE Classic 500 at a speed of 90 Kmph on a road that can bring down a bike riding at a snail’s speed. It was dangerous!

I was certain at every turn that our bike will give away but guess what Ringzhin was so accustomed, that no force on earth could stop him from ramping the bike and cutting through the wind that pierced his face.

We rode for almost 1.5 hours from Komic to Kaza. With a frozen Spiti river to our right and gigantic mountains leaning on us from the left, we were nothing but a tiny molecule in front of this vast expanse and cold Himalayan backyard.

A person has the liberty to say that surviving in this harsh conditions is next to impossible. And that’s true because you never know when a rolling stone might hit your bus or you get caught in a landslide, or in the most dramatic way to die, you get eaten by a Snow Leopard. Our group survived through one of these and made it safely back home. It may sound like a war zone or a zombie infested land, but it’s true, Spiti is a place where ‘Survival of the fittest’ rule applies.

However, every story has two sides and in case of Spiti, there are many. I gave you a glimpse of the harsher side, now let these pictures take you through a journey filled with dramatic landscapes, joyful people, beautiful monasteries, and magnificent fauna.

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