As decided, Victor and Ricardo met at the very same place. For a week, there were no signs of Sebastian. Victor & Ricardo decided that they must sail eastwards in search of their homeland, which was a daunting task. They had no clue of what lay ahead, even death was a possibility. Knowing this Victor & Ricardo decided to pen down a letter to Sebastian, in case he returned.

Dear Sebastian,

We hope that you get this letter and you find your way back home, but it’s time for us to leave for our country. But before that, we would like to tell you through our letter, about this magical place called America.

Remember what the prophet said about the world being a different place in the next thousand years? We lived his stories!

There are carts that run faster than the horse, there are winged carts controlled by humans that fly at a speed that you can never imagine. And then there are cities full of people from across the world, they live together, eat together, dance, sing & love together. We both lived in two of the biggest cities in the world -New York & San Francisco.

There are bridges that suspend in the air, whose height is more than the Padlock Hill back home. I was lucky enough to cross one of those.

Oh! And the people…they are truly amazing. They greet you even if you don’t know them. When you cross path in these cities, they smile at you and say, ‘Have a good day!’. It’s just wonderful to be surrounded by humans who don’t know us and are probably from different lands, speaking different languages, greet us just like we were friends from yesterday!

Oi and we found a machine that freezes time! It captures what you did, where you went, what you ate. It’s like you pause your memories so that you can look at them and take them to your grave. We have kept some for you at the end of this letter.

Ricardo has something to say now…

Sebastian, you should go to this place called the Grand Canyon. It’s like you are walking in the earth’s belly! You are surrounded by walls that bore different shades of orange and red colour. Also, when you go here, do one thing, just hug these walls and place your ear over them. You can hear the water, the mud, the earth speaking to you. It’s magical!

Okay now! We won’t tell you much about this land. Because we want you to experience it yourself! You are a young lad Sebastian and have a lot of years ahead of you. We want you to stay here and enjoy this country! We would come for you mate…

Oh…and there are details of the places that we visited in this envelope and some photos. Keep them with you while you travel!

Bon Voyage,

Victor & Ricardo

To be continued…

Canyon’s heart


Yosemite National Park


New York City


Horseshoe Bend
Lost Ship – The Letter

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