Mumbai, as we know it, is a chaos. Still, people choose to come here. Why? Because it surprises you!

In this chaotic charm called Mumbai, we try to find a way to live our life to the fullest. We wait for that moment where we can be away from the city’s usual ruckus and dangle our legs in air sitting on the edge of a cliff. But is it really possible to experience such a thing in the city itself? Yes, it is!

If you feel like doing so, just head to Kanheri Caves in Borivali. A perfect place to shrug off the dullness and get ready for the new week.

So, here’s what it looks like  –

Shades of early morning in National Park
Fitness freaks flock the road every day in National Park
Munch on them before you start the trail

The Caves 

The trail from Kanheri

If you are aware of such spots in the city, then let us know. We will spread the word.

– Saumitra Shinde

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