It’s hard to find calm in Mumbai. Isn’t it? Even on the Marine Drive, the moment you turn your back to face the road, you realize how chaotic the city can get in few seconds. In spite of all the problems, we Mumbaikars & travelers flock here in numbers to embrace the breeze by stretching legs on the promenade and clicking pictures of Mumbai’s beautiful skyline.

I hear more and more people saying that Mumbai is running out of quaint places at an alarming rate. Maybe it is true in a sense because wherever I go, I see people. But, how about I tell you that there are spots in Mumbai where you can experience absolute peace?

This segment aims to bring some of the least known places in Mumbai for you, where one can spend endless hours away from the chaos and admire the city from afar.

The first spot that we explore was the Madh Fort –

The place is accessible by road and it takes one hour to reach here from Borivali National Park. You may even enjoy the ride till the spot since the narrow road reminds you of Mumbai-Goa highway. You can spot Versova and Juhu Beach from here. Also, there’s a beautiful Shiva Temple just near the Fort’s entry point.

Now go ahead and have a look at the amazing spot in our city –

If you are aware of such spots in the city, then let us know. We will spread the word.

– Saumitra Shinde

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