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He walked a thousand miles before his traveling soul advised him to halt. It was a genuine suggestion. From the laps of gigantic Himalayan mountains to the colorful alleys of Mathura, he was having the time of his life. It started way back in Goa when a famous travel blogger inspired him to do the unexpected. Something he could never imagine himself doing.

Today he stands on the sun-kissed beach of Anjarle – a quaint coastal village in Maharashtra, some 250 km from Mumbai. Stars from the previous night left their trace on the beach. They hid underneath the sand and glittered when his eyes met them.

Although he was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, he had nothing to share with fellow travelers. Maybe his traveling soul wanted solitude.

To explore the place like a nomad or just laze around on the vast beach of Anjarle, he had a tough time making the right choice. But this time his heart said, ‘Stop! Take some time off’.

And to follow his heart, he removed his chappals, wore the beach suit and ran towards the sea like a wild horse. As he moved closer to the ocean the warm sand became cold. Tiny sea shells and stones tickled his feet. The sound of waves crashed on his ears like they do on the rocks. Wading through the waves, sometimes tackling them, he jumped in the water and submitted himself to the powerful element of mother earth.

But after all, he is a human and had the audacity to defy the strength displayed by the sea. He planted his feet deep inside the mushy sand to hold ground against the crashing waves. Every time they hit him they grew stronger. The sea was challenged by a mere human being. It was necessary for him to back off as he realized that nature’s force should be respected. He subdued and sat quietly on the beach because he knew that sea is not the like the mountain. It is proud of its vastness and doesn’t respect the weak. It hits them hard.

And as the night fell upon the sea, it became monstrous. He missed the mountain even more. But as he fell upon the cold sand and gazed up at the sky, all the fear vanished as several constellations looked upon him. The silhouette of coconut trees behind him danced slowly to the tunes of the winter breeze coming from the north. A bonfire at a distance illuminated some part of the beach with amber color. He closed his eyes, felt the breeze and continued a journey that only he is aware of.

Saumitra Shinde


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