Check out all the action that happened during our journey and in Mathura & Vrindavan where we celebrated Holi in the most authentic manner!

Train journeys of India
Akshay looking super energetic on the first day of our journey
Indian by train
The uniqueness of a train journey is that you meet a new person every time you stand at the door
Food in India
One of the best things of a train journey is Tea and home made food. It adds meaning to the long conversation!
You can always learn something new on a long distance train. I learned how to annoy a chess master and how to speak Sindhi!


You can meet the Bharat in India when you opt for a train journey
You can meet the Bharat in India when you opt for a train journey. But make sure you have a camera with you because it’s marvelous out there!
We reached Mathura at 2.30 am and decided to catch the first bus to Agra which left at 6. It was a race against time, only to capture a sunrise like this one with Taj Mahal.
The Taj is under maintenance in order to restore its shining white attire which faded due to pollution caused by rubber industries around it.
Taj Mahal
The Yamuna river was surprisingly clean and fresh probably because of the ban on Industries around the Taj which is in fact a great step by the Indian Government
The Taj Mahal
I think a Urdu poetry on this blue canvas will look surreal! Anyone up for this?
My first visit to a Gurudwara – This is Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in New Delhi 🙂
Late night munching on the streets of Mathura. Sometimes its good to sleep empty stomach rather than being adventurous :p
The day of Holi Celebration in Vrindavan! By the time we reached Banke Bihari we were smeared in colors from top to bottom…
It’s mandatory, no?
The euphoria at the Banke Bihari Temple
The euphoria at the Banke Bihari Temple. It’s spell-bounding!
The timing of him photobombing couldn’t be more perfect!
Vrindavan and its people!


The best thing about this dhol at Dwarkadheesh Temple was anyone could beat it and make people dance on their tune.
The colorful Dwarkadheesh Temple and its vibrant devotees in a jovial mood
The colorful Dwarkadheesh Temple and its vibrant devotees in a jovial mood. Spot Akshay if you can!
Hathi, Ghoda, Palkhi…Jai Kanhaiya Lal ki!!!


The street outside the grand entrance of the Dwarkadheesh Temple. It was a riot of colors indeed!
The kid impressed us with his rowing skills but taught us a lesson on survival and struggle in India!
Leaving Mathura felt sad but such landscapes every minute shrugged off the hangover!
The story of a never ending train journey in India. What if there is one like that? Sounds cool ehh!


We put a lot of efforts in capturing the perfect sunset on our phone camera!


And so we gulped the last tea of our memorable journey!

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