Convincing parents to send you on a road trip that too on a bike is one of the most difficult tasks on the planet. But if conveyed in a proper manner you will be out there having the time of your life. So there are some stages that you will have to go through to hear the holy word…YES

Read them carefully!

gipshy (1)

Don’t be surprised…expect their worst reaction when you tell them about your road trip.

giphy (1)

After few seconds of silence you start feeling that they are going to say a no to you


gipsshy (1)

And that’s when the most avoidable sentence comes out of your mouth, “I know it’s risky but…”



You can only curse yourself for saying the most stupidest thing!


giphys (1)

But  when you think that everything’s lost you hear, “When & where?”


Oh Wait! It’s not over yet because you need to face the next round of questions!



Their next question will be, “How many friends are there with you?” (PS – Don’t lie…just tell them the truth)



They will surely question you on your driving skills & speed. You know how to answer that!


giphsdy (2)

And when they ask you the details about the whole trip do not take it casually, answer it very seriously…it is your ticket to their YES


giphy (1sa)

So they will ask for the details of your hotel which you may not have booked & that’s when you need to tell them that your friends are looking after it…

giphy as

And finally when they say “Alright, have you started packing?”…your job is done my friend.

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