Imagine you are back from a long trip. You have explored new places like an avid traveler. You pick up your travel book and start penning down your experience. Going through the amazing pictures again & again has become a part of your daily schedule.

Then, an Idea comes to your mind, “How about I travel to an XYZ place next month?”

But, the amazing idea remains a dream & the discount offers from travel portals get lost in your inbox flooded by responsibilities. What next? You reluctantly ignore those offers & close all the tabs of your browser which probably were the destinations you were planning to go next month. And then what do you do next? You open the ‘work’ folder on your desktop!

But, wait! Who has stopped you from traveling even if you have a job to do? To travel, not necessarily means going away for weeks or months. It’s about experiencing new things by constantly changing your surroundings. It’s about mingling with the nature & by that I meant trekking.

Yes, you heard it right. It’s one of the most important things in a traveler’s list & the one that keeps his dream running.

So, why trekking?

  1. For mind blowing views

No matter where you go for a trek, mesmerizing landscapes never leave your side. Imagine yourself on every weekend, sitting on a lush green highland with a steep valley at your back and a shimmering water body in the front. Yes, it’s possible!

Trekking in Maharashtra


  1. Meeting fellow travelers

Treks are one of the ways in which you can meet travel addicts, who are out searching for other wandering souls. In a way, it’s a great way to meet potential travel buddies who can accompany you in your adventures.

Trekking in Monsoon

  1. Challenge

Yes, treks are challenging. Especially if it’s your first time & you are not accustomed to an environment where you have to walk, climb, run, swim or even sleep on the floor. But that’s where the fun begins & you start enjoying such things. Even if the journey to the top of a mountain may seem never ending, just hold on, because the moment you are at the top, you will feel like a conqueror.


Places to visit in Maharashtra

  1. A break from usual schedule

What would you do on a normal weekend? Drink, watch movie, shop and hang out with friends, that’s it! Then, why not try something adventurous, something that will rejuvenate you and keep you going & which might also increase your fitness levels.

Monsoon Treks in Maharashtra

  1. Keeping up with the wanderer in you

Once you start traveling, it’s difficult to think of anything else than the desire to wander. You can always satiate that hunger by trekking. Agree or not, treks are like building blocks for your future journeys. They kick-start your engine & keeps it running smoothly till the end.

Trekking near Mumbai

  1. Prepares you mentally for long journeys ahead

Treks are hectic & sometime gruelling. But in a sense trekking is like a warm up to your mega adventure. They prepare you mentally & train you to face any barriers that may come up in your journey.

Treks near Mumbai

  1. Experiencing Nature!

Trekking is a way in which you can connect with the nature, both physically & mentally. Walking in the forest, climbing cliffs, drinking water from streams, eating food by sitting at the edge of the mountain, interacting with villagers & spotting rare insects & birds are things that connect you with mother Earth.


Now that you know what trekking has in the store for you, why don’t you Google up a destination instead of restaurant? You don’t have to wait for the right time to travel. Remember, just go with the flow!


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