The crew of Santa Maria had lost all hopes of finding the fourth ship of the Columbus crew that had sailed across the Atlantic in search of the Indies. They had been through some of the worst storms in the Atlantic, but the last one was the most damaging. Out of the four ships, one had lost its course.

Santa Monica was the smallest of the lot. It carried some extra ration for the rest of the ships.

“Oh, Poseidon! Have mercy on them”, cried Columbus as they continued their journey southwards.

A splash of salt water woke up Victor. He opened his eyes to look at the sky which was now clear and bore no signs of the monstrous thunder clouds that swayed Santa Monica off its course. His body ached as Victor tried to get up and look for Sebastian & Ricardo. They too were dazed and sloshed by the storm that could have submerged their vessel deep into the trenches of the Atlantic.

Victor captained Santa Monica and was one of the Columbus’ closest crew members. Standing up on the quarterdeck manning the wheel, he looked at the compass. It was pointing to the west.

Santa Monica had lost its course and headed westwards, while Santa Maria, Nina, and Pinta sailed towards the southwest. Their ship was approximately fifteen days of the original course.

So, Victor decided to follow the new course and sail towards the direction shown in the compass.

That very night, as they sang & drank, a loud horn startled them. Victor quickly ran to the quarterdeck and saw a white ship coming their way. It was five times the size of Santa Monica. Victor grabbed his binoculars to have a closer look at the ship. It was five storeyed luxurious ship. Unlike his, it didn’t have any sails to move forward. It had propellers at the rear that moved it forward at a cruising speed. The crew was left in awe of this magnificent cruise-ship but only until what they saw next.

When Victor turned to his left, he saw a giant white statue with a torch in the hand. Never had they ever, seen something so beautiful in their life. But once again, their amazement was short lived. This time their eyes fell upon hundreds of huge structures on the land. They went all the way up into the sky, illuminated by the colourful lights.

Victor realized that they had discovered a new land which looked hundred years ahead of their time. They docked their ship and entered the land…

Men at the dock gazed at them with curiosity. Victor being the captain, went to one of them and asked about the place.

“What place is this?”

“It’s New York mate! The biggest city in the world”

“New York…alright!”

“Why? Where you from?

“I am from Britain”

“Why do you look so startled…ehh! Look here! What are you staring at? That’s the Statue of fucking liberty.”

“What year is this?”

“Were you hit by a tornado or something? Cause you look sloshed mate! It’s 2017…what’s the deal?”

Victor looked at his boys. They were left aghast from what they heard. They had just time travelled 500 years ahead.

“It must be the storm! My nana told me once about such storm. They call it the black hole!”

“Whatever it is…it’s terrifying!”

“Listen up!” Victor yelled as he gave instructions to Sebastian & Ricardo.

“Sebastian, you go to the south and Ricardo to the west. And I go to the north!

31 days & 30 nights from now…we meet at this very place. Try to find as much as you can!”


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America – The Arrival

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